Identifying the problem: Not sure how absenteeism and turnover may be affecting your company's bottom line? You may be surprised — unplanned absenteeism and turnover are a huge hidden cost for companies. It's expensive to replace and train an employee, and the best workers look for companies that provide benefits that reduce stress and help them balance their family and work responsibilities.

Every time an employee is unable to work or contribute effectively to a team due to childcare responsibilities, they experience increased stress leading to decreased performance and increased cost for your company due to paid sick days, rescheduled meetings, missed deadlines, and delayed projects. Studies have shown that employees miss up to 8 days of work per year due to lack of childcare (school or daycare closures, mild illnesses, etc) - multiply that by the number of working parents at your company and you can see how quickly that can add up!

Our emergency in-home backup childcare service allows your employees to concentrate on their work, knowing that their children are being cared for by some of the best nannies in the industry. Frantic last-minute online searches for a nanny will be a thing of the past — your employees call one toll free number and we do the rest, dispatching a referenced and background-checked nanny to fit the family's needs.

Solutions That Are Right for Your Company

Finding the right solution is the best way to ensure that you receive the highest return on your investment. Our process of evaluating your business needs ensures a high success rate in maximizing your returns while reducing your employees' absenteeism and turnover due to childcare responsibilities. Corporations rely on us to solve some of their workflow and productivity issues. By contracting with On Call Nanny you will increase your employees' output, and equip your organization for success while creating a supportive and family friendly environment.

Our evaluation will focus on two key elements: your employees' performance and your retention rates, which will help us determine a corporate benefit plan that will best suit your company's needs. Our goal is to maximize the impact our services have on your business and increase your rate of return as we determine together how to best apply our resources to your workforce. We aim to generate maximum results for your company and ensure that every childcare request is met promptly and with the highest standard of care.

Customized Care - Corporate Care package selected for your industry

We assist you in selecting a childcare benefit plan customized for your employees' needs with parameters that you choose, including the number of days each employee may utilize the benefit per year and what co-pay (if any) the employee pays per booking. At On Call Nanny we specialize in on call in-home childcare... and we also provide additional services to meet all your employees' household requirements, such as:

  • Elder care
  • Pet care
  • Doulas
  • Household managers
  • Housekeepers

Your company representatives, your employees, and their children will all receive the highest level of customer service, professionalism, and care.