Question: We liked the nanny you sent last time. Can I request the same nanny?

Answer: Although we strive to provide the same nanny every time you request one, to remain flexible for our client needs we contract nannies who are available at different intervals and your preferred nanny may not be available for the time frame you request the service.

Question: Do I pay the nanny directly or do I pay On Call Nanny the whole amount owed?

Answer: You will be charged a $6/hour referral fee (rounded up to the nearest quarter-hour) by On Call Nanny via your credit card on file. The remainder of the fee should be paid to the nanny directly at the time of service. Nannies accept either cash or check for payment.

Question: How does your service differ from other nanny agencies?

Answer: On Call Nanny specializes in referrals to households who require temporary, short-term or backup nanny care. Through our placement department we also place nannies full-time, part-time including temp-to-hire.

Question: How long does it take to secure a nanny?

Answer: On Call Nanny has a pool of carefully selected nannies who are available for service at various intervals. We are usually able to select a nanny for you within 24 hours. 

Question: I would like to hire the nanny who has been providing short-term childcare for my family. Where do I start?

Answer: For employment of your current nanny, please contact our placements department at:
Your current nanny may not be available for permanent placement, however we have an excellent and very customized approach to placements whereby we source and provide you with candidates who meet your employment criteria. For more information please visit our placement web pages at:


Question: I would like to know more about taxes regarding employment of my full-time, part-time or short-term nanny. Where do I find this information?

Answer: We recommend that you consult your tax advisor for your specific tax situation. We can also refer you to Breedlove and Associates, a highly reputable firm that can consult with you initially at no cost to determine the tax implications for you. Please visit their website at: